Guiding Blight

I crashed the Immortal party and it ended with a surprise encore… a big one.

I thought being a Demon sucked, but being a Demon Goddess is a whole ’nother level. Life had been so much easier when I was just a forty-year-old has-been actress trying to make a comeback in the land of Botox and BS.

For the love of everything absurd, I was just getting used to being a Demon… and BAM… all of a sudden I’m supposed to be one of the two gals in charge? I mean, being the co-star of the show is great until it involves ruling the Darkness with the evil whack job who destroyed my mother.

Pandora is a guiding blight in my world, and I plan to cancel her at all costs. With my Demon love by my side and a gaggle os Immortal nutbags along for the ride, I’ll find the vicious Goddess and put her back in her box.

Ah well, fate is set. Destiny is my performance to command. I plan it improv the heck out of it. Go big or go home is my new modus operandi. Although, right now, home sounds seriously appealing. Either way, I’m strapping in and getting ready for the wildest gig yet.


Publication Date: 12/04/23