It’s A Hard-Knock Midlife

Midlife is supposed to be messy, but this is a full-on catastrophic crisis.

Just when I thought life might be getting back to normal—normal being a relative word—I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Marriage proposal from the Grim Reaper? Yes.

Beautiful healthy baby? Yes.

Friends and family safe? Yes.

Ghost of my worst enemy sitting on my front porch? OMG. Yep.

With the ghostly world imploding around me, I’m going to need more than superglue to repair it.

Question? Am I willing to do what has to be done?

Answer? I’m about to find out.

To say forty has been an eventful year is an understatement.

On the contrary, it’s turning out to be a seriously hard-knock midlife.


Publication Date: 10/17/22