Honor-bound Witch

With her new dating agency business starting to take off in Premonition Pointe, Marion Matched is busier than ever. Between yoga classes, her budding romance, and the ghost who won’t stop haunting her, Marian can’t seem to find time to get her hair colored and her upper lipped waxed for the upcoming wedding of her two favorite clients. Whoever said women should grow older gracefully never had to deal with patchy gray roots or whiskers that are stiff enough to cut someone. But all of her grooming worries vanish when the bride suddenly goes AWOL, and Marion realizes it’s one of her former clients who has abducted the bride. Now Marion finds herself in the middle of literal witch hunt so that she can bring the bride home and get her to the alter on time. Marion will need all the help she can get from the Premonition Pointe coven, the ghost who can’t stop flirting with the groom, and a gun-toting grandmother with a perchance for younger men.


Publication Date: 07/28/22