Star-crossed Witch

Welcome to Miss Matched Midlife Dating Agency, where Marion Matched is ready to help you find your soul mate.

When it comes to dating, Marion Matched has seen it all. She’s the witch people call when they’re fed up with unsolicited d*ck pics on their dating apps, being ghosted, or asked to do questionable things with their date’s feet. She has the unique ability to just know when two people are perfect for each other. There’s only ever been one person she hasn’t been able to match—herself. And that’s fine with her. She’s never wanted to settle down anyway. Or at least that’s what she tells herself when she runs into her recently divorced high school sweetheart in her new town of Premonition Pointe.

Marion doesn’t have time to worry about her own dating life, anyway. She has a new business to set up, a reputation to prove, and an annoying ghost to shake. But when Marion’s new client turns out to be matched with her mortal enemy, Marion has her work cut out for her. She’ll need to uncover a decade’s old mystery to get the two star-crossed lovers in each other’s arms or else she’s in danger of losing her new business… and the budding connection to her first love. With the help of her newly acquired ghost, the Premonition Pointe coven, and the man who keeps asking her out, just maybe Marion will solve the mystery, save her business, and make a love connection she never thought she’d find.


Publication Date: 07/07/22