Rainmaker Witch

There’s never a dull moment in Premonition Pointe for Marion Matched, full-time midlife matchmaker and part-time bad guy butt-kicker for the local Magical Task Force.

With her boyfriend Jax busy learning how to deal with his own paranormal abilities, Marion focuses down on rebuilding her recently sabotaged business—the matchmaking one, not the butt-kicking. Which means when a new wolf pack moves into town, Marion agrees to help the would-be alpha find his mate. Only Premonition Pointe residents begin to vanish, and everyone in town, including the local law enforcement, blame the new wolves.

Marion isn’t so sure. Now she’s caught between frightened citizens and the pack she thinks is innocent. When her boyfriend Jax turns up on the missing list, it gets personal. Marion will stop at nothing to find him and to take down the person who is terrorizing the people of her beloved town.


Publication Date: 05/24/24